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We have experience across a wide range of industries e.g. banking, medical, consultancy, sports, education, entertainment,  property letting and construction. We live in challenging times and it’s our job to keep you in business, whether offering business advice, tax planning or which social services to tap into.



Management Support

Running a business can be stressful. We are here with you every step of
the way, whether setting up a new venture or expanding an existing one. Our
on call support will assist you in achieving and maintaining a profitable


Our payroll service ensure you are fully tax compliant and that returns to Revenue are filed on time and are correct. Staff will have the reassurance that their take home pay has been calculated correctly. We are available to answer any employee query regarding the calculation of their net pay.

Accounts preparation and reporting

As well as the usual Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss accounts, we can provide accounts for loan or mortgage applications.  

We can also assist in cash flow projections and other management accounts.

Managed Bookkeeping Service

We offer a team of professional book keepers, each specialising in one or two industries. As we book keep for several businesses, we offer economies of scale resulting in lower costs to you. Outsourcing your book keeping saves on both employer taxes and management time. As we receive the year-end books in pristine condition, our accountancy fee is also reduced.


We can offer advice on all tax headings whether you are setting up, running or disposing of a business or other asset.

We can look after all your tax returns from monthly payroll tax and VAT returns to yearly Income tax and Corporation tax returns.

It’s not only businesses who are in need of a good accountant. E.g. Individuals who have rental property or who have given gifts or received gifts/inheritances are also well advised to seek good tax advice.

We offer tax advice on separation, divorce and death. We understand that this is a stressful time. There is always a cup of tea on offer and a sympathetic ear.

Training And Educational

Paula lectures Accounting and Advanced Taxation on the CPA, ACA, and ACCA accountancy qualifications. She has also provided in-house training to Intel, Ernst and Young, and has taught on the IMI Business degree program.  

There’s nothing she likes more than making a highly technical area totally accessible to the all. She is available to deliver bespoke training to your organisation.